Southern Dance Academy offers both a recreational and competitive programs. The competitive program is elite training that will focus on the dancer’s technique, performance, and overall abilities while offering a supportive and team atmosphere.  We offer competition teams in clogging, jazz, tap, contemporary, and hip hop. SDA competes at many regional and national events and attends conventions and workshops throughout the dance season. We encourage the growth of our dancers with opportunities to work with industry professionals and open master classes.

Clogging Team:

SDA’s clogging program has won over 27 National Championships, appeared on numerous television programs, and traveled abroad to perform, and teach. As a member of the clogging team dancers will attend weekly practices that focus on clogging technique and cleaning routines. Cloggers travel to 4-5 events a year throughout the southeast. Dancers are allowed to do solos and duos as well as the team categories. We find that our cloggers value their shared experience and many reflect on it as one of the best experiences of their lives.

Jazz Team:

As a Jazz team member dancers are expected to attend multiple classes a week in Jazz and Ballet, as well as allotted rehearsal time. We are pleased to offer industry level guest artist and choreographers to our jazz team members. The dancers work together creatively in the pursuit of common goals. We find that our jazz team members excel in leadership, character, work ethic, and sportsmanship as a result of our program.

Tap Team:

Tap team members attend weekly practices and compete 3-5 times a year. We dance rhythmic tap with a focus on tap technique. The tap team has original choreography from our amazing staff and from industry professionals. Our tap program is regularly named in the top ten of regional events and has been recognized with Judge’s choice awards. Our tap dancers have a great appreciation for music, and understand complex timing patterns.

Contemporary Team:

The Contemporary Team members meet on a weekly basis for scheduled practice and rehearsals. Contemporary dancers study in quality of movement and muscality. We encourage our team members to attend many master classes offered at the studio, and we work closely with industry professionals to assure the quality of choreography and growth of the dancers. Contemporary dancers benefit from a knowledge of ballet technique. Contemporary allows dancers to explore story telling and emotional issues in a healthy and artistic way.

Hip Hop Crew:

Hip Hop is the fastest evolving and growing dance forms. SDA is proud to offer numerous levels of hip hop teams that we call the “Crew.” Crew members are expected to attend weekly practices and rehearsals. We bring in industry professionals from across the country for master classes and choreography. Hip Hop dancers learn balance, muscality, expressive movement, and self confidence.